Miss Sassy Pants

Raising kids is hard, yo. Small electronics come with manuals.  New jobs come with manuals.  Kids, surprisingly, don’t.

Wait, what?

I’ve successfully adulted for awhile now.  I earned a driver’s license, graduated college, happily enjoyed my career, and married the man of my dreams (clichè, I know and I don’t care).  I was ready.  Kids were always part of my story, and now I was finally at that chapter in my life.

I was ready, did I mention this already?


I’m the oldest of four. Many a countless hour was spent babysitting, and I even did a stint as a daycare provider.  I could handle a baby.  No problem.

Baby girl came along almost three years ago.  The first few days in the hospital weren’t so bad.  Then they give you your baby to place in their car seat and drive home.

That’s when you realize…oh shit, I’m responsible for another human being.  Yeah, there are books, blogs, and the advice from generations before you.  They all fail to mention that their advice isn’t an exact manual for your spawn.  So we fly by the seat of our pants, and congratulate ourselves as each night closes that our kids survived another day.  I mean, that really is the only true test that your winning at parenting.

Our baby girl spawn is amazing.  She’s smart, funny, and fiercely independent.  That independence makes this mama so proud.  It also makes me want to drink rosè, and solidified my need for a steady stream of caffeine at all times.

Some days I’m in complete awe of her. I wish I had her passion and fearlessness.  The girl only has one speed, and that is full speed ahead.  For everything.

And some days when you’ve only just returned from maternity leave and your nanny needs a sick day, you let her little strong willed heart win. Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

V-1 Mommy-0

But that outfit, tho.  Miss V is resourceful.  That right there is her swim coverup and her dress (aka mama’s tank top). Pure fashion gold.  I’m sure it’s even Tim Gunn approved.

So while I want to pull my hair out many times a day, I’m equally enamored with her.  She makes my heart full. I can’t wait to see who she becomes one day.  And sometimes I think we’ve really nailed this parenting thing with her. I mean really nailed it.

We fooled ourselves so much that we added spawn number 2.  He didn’t come with a manual either.


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