Manic Monday

Eff you Monday.

I had every intention of taking today as a vacation day. You know the work kind of vacation. I have kids. That makes everything else a trip I need to go to work to recover from.

So about that…

Yeah, that vacation day didn’t happen. I had planned to not book appointments, but it’s sales and mama just had a baby. Six months of leave and bed rest has made it feel like all my customer opportunities seem urgent. After all my running today, those betches better buy something. Lots of somethings. This mama gave up a vacation, er trip day for them.

It’s now officially past 7PM, and I just had my first cup of coffee. One of THOSE days. The kind where you start to fall asleep on the couch while nursing your babe only to snap your eyes open at the realization that you have too much to do for a nap. And that you really really can’t survive without coffee. Plus, kids actually need to eat. Who knew!?!

Cranky,teething babies and sassy toddlers just add to the enjoyment of throwing dinner together at the last second, too. Tater tots for the win! It’s a vegetable so it counts as healthy, and I’m saving the planet by feeding my kids plant based dinner, yo.

Tomorrow we leave for our family Thanksgiving. Vacation. Well a 5 day trip with kids that will include 6 hours in the car one way. It totally counts as vacation though, because tomorrow morning I’m handing the kids off to the nanny, and then taking a nap. One entire hour of uninterrupted sleep and warm coffee will be bliss.

So, again, eff you Monday. Here’s to actual vacation tomorrow, all two hours of it.


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