Working and momming

So I’m a mom, you all have probably figured that out by now. I mean, have you seen my social media accounts???

Before I was Mom, I was a girl with a career and a husband. Well, to be honest, the career even came before him. It’s part of my identity these days, and I chose to keep that part of my identity when I had my babies. I like to be complex. I think it’s working for me.

And wouldn’t you know it, I like my job. It does more than pay the bills. Sure, it has its moments where I may want to bang my head against the wall (like lots of them). I’m in sales after all. It’s this insane roller coaster at all times. There’s the thrill of hitting your quota, and the fear of next year’s quota increase all at the same time. But I like the thrill. I love the chase so it works. Plus, I have a love-hate relationship with a lot of my customers, but I’m pretty sure the same goes for them with me.

So yeah, I know I’m peddling goods, and get paid to do it. BUT, for the most part, the products I sell really do help people. My conscience wouldn’t let me work for a company that sold crap just to make a buck. Years ago I had thought about being a bedside clinician. It wasn’t in my cards. However, my career, ultimately, let’s me help people without the emotional heartache that comes with working bedside. So I feel like I’m winning. I’ve sold products that have changed people’s lives. It’s amazing to hear stories from a patient that’s life has changed because of your product. That’s what keeps me going. That’s why I do what I do. Getting paid for it’s a nice perk.

My job can be stressful, but so are lots of them out there. So what does one do when they need a break from work? They take a vacation.

So that’s just what we did as a family this last month. We crammed a whole lot of family time in our first week off, and spent hours in the car.

Super relaxing yo.

Well, there were some moments.

And then we crammed in a few more weeks of work before we took a full week to chill at the lake house.

Woohoo! Actual down time.

Well, except we have kids. And E didn’t get the memo that on vacation you’re supposed to sleep in. Unless you count sleeping until 6:30AM instead of 5:45AM sleeping in.

Now don’t get me wrong. We had lots of fun. Elkhart Lake is like my tiny little piece of Wisconsin heaven.

Dan and I even snuck in some spa time, and a date night. And I got some alone time lake side.

But, did I mention it was still a week away with two little kids.

There should be separate terms for vacations as adults with kids and vacations minus children. With the kids, it really like a trip. It’s still work with a tiny bit of downtime mixed in.

It’s a lot of work to keep your kids from launching themselves off a pier(thank goodness for swim lessons). Toddlers hell bent on pulling off a life vest have super human strength.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

How does this relate to work?

Well, shortly, I get to leave for my annual sales meeting. We get to go to the fabulous destination of Columbus, OH for five whole days. To anyone that has never been to one, don’t be too jealous. We get to start our days at 7:30AM followed by meetings until 5:00PM. You then get a break long enough to check voicemail, try to call home, slap some fresh makeup on your face, and then head out to the evening meetings until 10PM or so. Rinse and repeat.

I love seeing my coworkers, but usually dread how long the days are.

However, as a working mom to two. This actually now seems like vacation to me.

Bring. It. On.

I get to sleep in while I’m there, and have no bedtime responsibilities for 4 nights. I don’t know what I will do with myself at dinner when I don’t have to pick up bits of corn and mac’n’cheese off the floor. There will be no children stalling for water, or stalling picking out their bedtime book.

I’ll actually get to sleep in a bed by myself!!!!

So yeah, I may have a new found respect for my career.

Do you think my new ownership will agree to a semi-annual meeting? Mama might need a winter break,too.

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