It’s like losing an arm

I work full time. I’m not shy about saying I chose to go back to work. I could have stayed home with my kids. Financially, we could’ve continued life in the city with just Dan’s income. I still didn’t stay home.I chose to continue my career.

Cue the shock and horror.

It’s ok. Really.

I totes still love my kids even if I’m paying someone else to watch them while I’m playing career woman.

And gasp,my kids still love me and prefer me to them at the end of the day. Craziness.

For an entire hot second while I was pregnant, I fantasized about being a stay-at-home mom. Then I had my daughter, and about 2 weeks into maternity leave I was ready to go back to work. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I still wasn’t ready to leave my kid, but I was ready for adult interaction and to not be constantly covered in spit up.

My work hours can be weird. I’ve been able to minimize my overnights the last couple years by leaving the house early for meetings. How early you ask? Oh, sometimes I’m out the door at 4AM. Sometimes I walk in the door at 10PM. Dan’s hours can be long, too. So a traditional daycare wasn’t going to cut it.

Side note on daycare centers. We did actually tour a few. Two of them we toured when I was four months pregnant. They both had over year long wait lists at that time for their infant rooms. Let that math sink in for a minute. Over 12 months long wait. These wait lists were for babies that hadn’t even been conceived yet. The city day care game be crazy. Do these people call during their ovulation window and say “Hey, so yeah, I’m possibly making a kid tonight. He’ll need daycare in Dec 2020, can I get on that list? Mmmkayy thanks, bye!”?

So yeah, we went the nanny route. And it’s been a game changer for us.

I had time on my hands during maternity leave with Viv, so I signed up for an online company and scoured through lots of applicants. We whittled it down to a few good applicants and I had four phone interviews. From there, I brought two in for face to face interviews.

I’ve always felt like I’m a good read when it comes to people. (Lately, my husband has confirmed my knack is pretty spot on with this. Like, eerily right. Must be my mama instinct has kicked into overdrive). The first girl was ok, but then Amber walked in and my instinct was off the charts screaming at me. She was our girl.

And she was. Unfortunately, she also was on the waitlist to be a police officer. Bonus for us, because this chick was bad a**. She was a purple belt in jiu jitsu, and I knew no one was going to mess with her or my baby.

Viv loved her, and she became part of our family.

Eventually, her waitlist moved, and sadly it was time for her to head to the police academy.

So our search started again. Replacing Amber was going to be hard. The second time around I felt I wasn’t getting the same quality applicants I did with Amber, and on a whim I did a search and found Lindsay. She came in for an interview, and then spent a day shadowing Amber.

My mama bells were ringing again. She was perfect. Dan and I loved her. Amber approved. Most importantly, Viv did!

Viv looks forward to Lindsay coming over every day. Lindsay has become an extension of our family. She plays games with our kids, reads to them, dances with them, and sings them songs. Viv loves to hug her, and she tells Lindsay she loves her. E, well he’s not there yet, but he gets super upset when she leaves. So I’d say that he’s in the I love Lindsay camp,too.

In June, Lindsay took some well deserved vacation time. My mom came up for a couple days to help with the kids, and I tried to work from home.


You see, I said my mom came to help with the kids. What was missing from that statement is the fact that my dad goes everywhere my mom does these days. Here’s the deal, he had a stroke 7 years ago and can’t be left alone these days. So technically it’s like she’s watching two little kids, and one very big kid. But I will take all the help I can get.

Day 1 went well.

Day 2 my dad decided to take a trip down my basement stairs.

He proceeded to say he was fine the rest of the day, but fine is one of his post-stroke favorite words. Everything is fine these days.

After dinner we couldn’t find his teeth.

I’ll give you one guess as to where they were…

His esophagus. That’s okay if you didn’t guess there, because the ED docs thought I was a lunatic for suggesting it. But yeah.

So mom and I spent one sleepless night in the OR so the GI doc could fish out these:

And then I went home to snooze for two hours.

I woke up to Lindsay texting she quit…


In my bleary-eyed sleep deprived state, I surely was reading that text wrong.


When it rains it pours. But hey, at least my dad got his teeth back.

Mom was out of commission as a sitter for the rest of that week, but luckily I had already hired College Nannies Sitters and Tutors* to fill in the rest of the week.

They had come to the rescue. Yay!

Because, for real, when it rains it pours.

Turns out Lindsay didn’t need to quit, she just needed an extended vacation. But she thought she needed to quit because she had no vacation left. Since losing her would be like losing my left arm, we decided to make it work.

It was like fate had intervened that week, because I had the perfect solution. Lindsay could take her trip and I would use a back up nanny. College Nannies Sitters and Tutors came to the rescue again.

And they were great!!

The first week they sent Aurora. Yep, my kid got her own personal princess. This is what Viv told me. Apparently, all Aurora’s are princesses. All kids need their own princess, you know!

The second week, they sent “Annie Carrie”. Technically her name is Carrie, but Viv dropped the n in nanny and gave her a new name. E loved her because she was tall and blond. Dude has a type. I think he was very sad to see her go.

Twice we used them for date nights. They were amazing the night of our anniversary. I double checked hours before to confirm the sitter and panicked when their wasn’t one confirmed in the app. Julie came to my rescue and sent Lacara to watch the kids. She was amazing. She even forgave us for not warning her about the Shark Vacuum Robot. I’d imaging hearing that thing creep out while you’re alone in a house with sleeping kids was not the highlight of her Friday. Sorry Lacara!

I was relieved that I could do my job, enjoy our anniversary, and my kids were still well cared for. Every day I came home to fun projects they worked on. They took care of my kids just like Lindsay would’ve if she could’ve been here. We got to keep our extended family member, but also found a company that we can trust just like family.

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