The Struggle is Real

Spring is here, but the Spring weather still quite hasn’t gotten the full memo. We get glimpses of it here and there in Chiberia. In that tiny glimpse I’ll pull out a pair of crops, and bare my ankles only to have the weather gods laugh at me and turn frigid all over again.

That’s March in the Midwest for you. One minute it’s practically bikini weather and you’re contemplating putting away the parka. The next it’s snowing and you’re cursing yourself for thinking your pasty white ankles deserved to see the light of day.

Trying to stay warm and look professional at the same time is easy for men. Their wardrobe options are the same all year round. Legit the same. It’s always some form of a jacket, a collared shirt, and pants. Change out the weight of the fabric, and remove a tie or a pocket square and they are good to go at all times. It’s not fair.

Us ladies have it harder. Trying to look professional, fashionable, and warm at the same time is a feat.

Honestly, looking professional and not matronly can be hard in itself. And I LOVE to shop, so if I say it’s hard. It’s hard. I feel like I have two wardrobes going at all times. A casual one for after work and the weekends, and my work wardrobe. #clothesproblems

I’ve actually chatted to with a few other professional women that also have expressed the same frustrations.

So I bring you:

What Mama Pret Wears


Yep. Exactly, what it reads. My day job is in medical device sales. 90% of that time I’m in business attire. Occasionally, I throw on scrubs if I’m doing a late night/early morning inservice. Sometimes my corporate office even has meetings that are business casual. Say what!?! Realistically though, I spend most of my work life in business attire talking to business decision makers and need to look the part (or fake it ’til you make it).

After realizing it wasn’t just my work wife and I always running into this fashion dilemma, I thought I’d share some tiny peaks into my closet. Maybe, just maybe another strong woman out there climbing the corporate ladder might find something they could rock in the c-suite.

Skirtin Versatility

Everyone needs a capsule wardrobe. I’d like to think I have one. Well, at least I have lots of items on repeat. One of those go-to items this season has been a pleated midi skirt.

TopShop Chuck on Blazer, Sunro Scoop Neck Bodysuit, Halogen Pleat Knit Skirt, Cole Haan Boots
Nic + Zoe Vida Pump

So this particular skirt is sold out at Nordstrom, but here and here are similar options. Bonus! The TopShop Chuck On Blazer is on sale! It runs large, but I bought it in my regular size because I wanted the boxy fit. My boots are old Cole Haan, but since I’m obsessed with all things waterproof these days, these bad boys are on sale and can be worn during any weather Chiberia could throw at you. Yes, I know Spring is technically here, but this is Chicago after all. When in Chiberia boots, especially waterproof ones, are essential. If, and if winter does finally go away, I’ve been loving on these block heel Nic + Zoe pumps.

Keeping it Casual

One of the things that’s hardest about wearing business attire all the time is the lack of crossover into the rest of my closet. Don’t get me wrong, it gives me plenty of additional reasons to need to shop for more clothes. But when I find pieces that can transition like this skirt I’m sold!

Winner, winner! Chicken dinner! Looky it can be worn on the weekend, too!

Mackage Leather Jacket, Zoe+Liv NASA t-shirt, Adidas Superstar

Mama always loves a good reason to wear a good leather jacket. I’m obsessed with this Mackage one, and wear it any chance I get these days. It will be on repeat forever, and is legit so buttery soft. I saw this shirt in Target a few weeks ago, and couldn’t pass it up. At the time, it was a family secret that a family member was in the final stages of getting a job at NASA. I had to have it, because I’m now practically an employee in my own right(that’s how it works, right?)

During the work week, I drive everywhere. On the weekends, we’re city people and do lots of walking. My Adidas Superstars have been a staple in my mama closet because of this. They’re cute, comfortable, and functional.

So there you have it! A peek into my working mama closet.


4 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. Your look fabulous and why didn’t I consult you before! I might solicit some of your advise as I transition back into working because my closet is bare and my shopping skills are rusty. I’ll be looking for your spring and summer ideas!

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