Lessons in Parenting

I came into this whole parenting thing as the oldest of four kids. For 9 entire months in college, I worked in a daycare center with some of my favorite sorority sisters. That legit made me practically an expert on kids, right!?!

Yeah, no.

The universe had its laugh at me. Dan, my husband had been slightly petrified to step into this unknown parenting world. I had assured him all would be fine.

I mean, it has. But that first entry in is quite the shock. It’s kind of like a pilot telling you to prepare for a rough landing. You don’t realize just how rough the landing is going to be until you are actually landing.

But we survived. And thrived. We felt like we were rocking the parenting thing so much that we decided to have a second child.

It only made sense. We were now experts. We had done all our trial and error on Viv. So how hard could a second child be?

Having a second child really taught me everything I need to know about parenting. So I thought I’d share my sage advice.


1. You know nothing. Ever. You will never be an expert.

2. Your children are smarter than you. It doesn’t matter if they are two weeks or 22. They will outwit you and break you.

3. If things are easy and amazing in the “I’ve got this parenting thing down department”, as a quick reminder please see #1.

Civilized mealtime with Child #1
Yeah….mealtime with Child #2

So here’s to my children growing up one day and having children of their own. I hear paybacks a bitch.


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