Tight Talks

Ahhh Spring is in the air! With it brings the desire to crawl out from under ALL the layers. This is the time of year that my pasty legs start to see the light of day again.

Well, sometimes. If you’re like me, you’re freezing all the time. Then it’s summer and your sweating balls all the time. Alas, I live in the Midwest and the land of fickle temperatures. My genetics like my blood to be nice and thinned out, and not too boiling hot. My hands and feet on the other hand prefer to be toasty at all times.

Oh, the dilemma.

But, fear not! Tights are to the rescue.

What!?! Tights!?!

Tights- Not Just for Little Girls

So if you’re like me, when you hear the word tights you envision sweet little girls in tutus and ballet tights. Tights are for little girls, right? Pantyhose are for the ladies. Well, anything with the word panty in it gives me the heebee jeebees. It should be outlawed. #gross

This mama prefers to think that tights can be grown up. And if you need something more adult, please don’t call them pantyhose. Can you just call them sheer tights? Mmm k, thanks.

So yeah, that then makes tights of all sheerness and opaqueness fair game for ladies of all ages.

Designer Tights

Remember my previous post where I talked about how good men have it when dressing for business? Not needing to think about how they will cover their legs falls into this category. Women on the other hand have the dilemma of covering or not covering, but still having them covered enough. Capeesh? Totes crystal clear all around.

In the world of dressing for business, I tend to wear a ridiculous amount of dresses. It makes going from business casual to business easy. I can swap a cardigan for a jacket and walla! The freezing legs three quarters of the year is the larger dilemma though.

Enter in tights. The best solution ever!

However, the same pair of opaque black tights can get super boring after awhile. So I like to have fun occasionally.

Designers do to. Did you know they make designer tights? (FYI. They make designer everything, bank accounts beware). Gucci and Fendi tights are everywhere lately. I love the look, and the pop of fun it can add to a work outfit.

Calvin Klein Suit, Nic + Zoe Vida Pump

This mama has a tendency to rip holes in her fishnet tights or get them caught on her rings. Because of that, I couldn’t swallow the price tag on the Gucci tights(it also helps they are almost sold out everywhere). Instead, I found a more wallet friendly dupe, here. If the dupes are still too rich for your blood, here and here are two great budget friendly options.

Because it’s also the season to stock up on everything summer, but still too cold to wear all your new skin baring goodies, this is also a perfect time to bust out your tights. Last summer I made the mistake of waiting too long to buy jean shorts. I know! The horror! By the time I looked, all the ones I really wanted were sold out. Mama was not making that mistake again this season. So I’ve got the shorts, and will wear them!

San Diego Hat Company Fedora, Express Turtleneck
Treasure and Bond Jean Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

So today’s moral of the story is: have tights will wear them.

Full Outfit Links

Calvin Klein suit (old)- similar jacket and similar dress

Nic+Zoe Vida Pumps

San Diego Hat Company Fedora (old) –similar

Express Turtleneck Sweater

Treasure & Bond Shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Booties


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