Sippin on Protein and Soy

Oh how my drinks of choice have changed with age.

Or by digestion issues.

As much as this much mama would love to be practicing my favorite S in wine tasting, my stomach has had other plans these days. Some days my stomach turns its nose up at pretty much all food. Yikes.

While that has had some benefits to fitting in some pre-pregnancy jeans (Note, getting rid of designer flare jeans 4 months ago was a BAD idea), it’s had its downside. Mama loves food. Lately, it doesn’t like me back. Sometimes it hurts just to look at it.

On bad days my diet consists of all things liquid. Yum.

I’ve become the connoisseur of things vegan protein shake because of this. Trust me. Between my stomach issues and E’s dairy intolerance, I’m pretty sure I tried every one under the sun.

You know you’ve found a winner when you find one that tastes good going down. You’ve practically hit the Mega Millions jackpot when your kids start screaming for them and stealing them from you.


I no longer can finish a shake. I now have to make two. One for me, and one for my kids to share.

So I give you my survival protein shake go to:


  • 1 cup your favorite dairy free milk substitute
  • 1 cup ice

Blend in a blender until well mixed.

This is my basic go to when I’m having my worst stomach days. It gets me through the day. However, if you want to mix it up, my kids love to add in peanut butter or PB2, chia seeds, or their favorite fresh fruit. If your favorite fruit isn’t in season you can also sub 1 cup of your favorite frozen fruit in place of ice.

The best part is anyone can enjoy! No wonky stomach even better!

Happy Blending!


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