Digging in the Dirt

Green thumbs. Some people have them. Some people don’t.

I’m the some people that don’t.

I was born into a family that had grandfathers on both sides that were known for their ability to grow ridiculously amazing gardens. Insane. All the tulips. All of them.

My dad took his gardens up a notch. Plants, flowers, vegetables. The summer before my senior year in high school he planted 96 tomato plants. NINETY-SIX. Guess who got to pick all those tomatoes. Just what a teenage girl wants to do with her summer free time.

Those green thumb genes bypassed me.

If you’re reading this and ever have given me a house plant, I killed it. None of them were murdered. However, if there were a plant DCFS I probably should’ve had the service called on me.

The Next Generation

So the mama in me decided my spawn were not going to be the next generation of plant killers. There had to be green thumb genes buried within them.

On one of my many outings to my happy place (Target for those that don’t know me), I was browsing the dollar section. It’s my jam. I’m a sucker for that section. I legit can’t leave without grabbing something from there. My sliding windows are using covered in clings at all times from this section. My littles and my wallet (kind of) love this section. While there, I stumbled upon the tiniest and cutest gardening tools.

Lightening Bug Moment

This was what I would call my lightening bug moment (get it, haha). My kids love to dig in the dirt. E is obsessed with everything sensory these days. Give him an excuse to smash or mush something in his hands and he is a happy boy.

Gardening tools, plants, and permission to dig in the dirt would make me mama of the year. Plus, a little lesson on science and how things grow never hurts, ya know.

So a Gardening We Go

So everything I needed came home with me to turn a tiny little portion of a plant box into a garden. I also grabbed ready to go kits for daffodils, basil, and oregano that we can grow inside. Our tomato plants will start out in these adorable dinosaur planters, and then will get transplanted to a planter box outside.

How cute!?! Am I right!?!

Mini Green Thumbs

So far some of those genes must be working. Because we have progress!

We have daffodils!!!

Basically, if my rugrats can keep these plants alive plant killers like can be reformed. There is hope for us all.

Target Supplies

Grow Kits

Potting Soil

Dinosaur Planter (similar)

Gloves (similar)

Unicorn Watering Can

Bug Watering Can


4 thoughts on “Digging in the Dirt

  1. Ahh every year I get grandiose ideas to plant a garden and then grandiose problems. I usually start too early, they grow, die, we try again and then they make it the garden plot. Then the weeds come. I usually end up driving my mower over the mess that I can’t control because I had plans to be a Martha while awaiting spring and then summer gets busy. Pinterest all the great ideas that I will never build. Makes me feel good though


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